Experience trading 3.0

Built on blockchain technology, the Ago decentralized trading platform makes trading easier than ever.
And since we’ve cut out the broker as the middleman, you’ll have direct access to the crypto market in real-time, 24/7!

Trade at the best rates

Maker fees

Up to 0.02%

Taker fees

Up to 0.07%

Highest liquidity
Enjoy direct access to the largest trading liquidity pool ($10+ billion in monthly transactions).
Lowest slippage

Trade with the lowest slippage in the market.


Best trade execution, done in real-time.


Use leveraged trading of up to 200x.

Fairest trading conditions

No market making by cutting out the broker as the middleman.

Fund safety

Be the only custodian of your crypto by owning your funds.

Wide variety of assets

Get access to 50+ crypto pairs, 24/7.

Social trading

Gain access to specialized algorithms and benefit from the performance of our experienced traders.

No fees

Make instant deposits and withdrawals with no monthly fees


Decentralized trading is eliminating intermediaries, we are connected to the biggest trading pool over $ 10 billions monthly volume.

Yes, we have the lowest trading fees on the market, lower than the main CEX, as we benefit from the biggest liquidity pool.

Yes, our APIs are available and allow to connect algorithms or trading bots.