Discover Agora

Become an Agora citizen to benefit from exclusive rights and privileges, enhancing your Ago experience.

How to become a citizen

Participate in Agora Adventures to gain experience, increase your citizen level, and receive your Ago Citizen NFT.


Buy an Ago Citizen NFT for $50.

Earn crypto and spend it

Convert your XP into crypto at any time.

Earn XP while using Ago, and convert it into crypto to spend it.

Citizen rights

Receive exclusive benefits based on your citizen level.

Citizen NFT

Receive an NFT designed by renowned designer and entrepreneur Dwen D.Correa, which offers you a special referral commission and fee reductions.


Selected citizens will receive an airdrop of AGO tokens as a participation reward.

Early access

Be the first to experience our new features and functionalities.

VIP status

Get exclusive access to selected Ago events.

Voting rights

Help us achieve Ago’s ambition to become the leading DeFi platform by voting on new developments, products, and features.

Invest in Ago to participate in the DeFi revolution!


Our goal is to create a unique one-stop-shop for those who want to invest in and use decentralized finance. All products and services will be audited or developed by our team, to offer quality and security, saving users time and money.

Yes, that’s right! Dwen, who has worked with PSG in the past, collaborated with Ago to design the ICO NFTs.

Ago uses the BNB chain and the ETH network.